Nightlife Attire: look good going out

Nightlife Attire: look good going out reviews
club attire

club attire

 Nightlife attire and Club Wear: How to look good going out – for Men

Welcome to Friday night!!! You just busted your ass all week working for the man and now it’s time to start raging! Jump in the shower with your sipping beer and…. wait… uhhh… you’re really going to wear that Ed Hardy shirt out?

Let’s face it; guys like you, make it easy for all of the rest of us when we approach women at bars & clubs. The girl you bought drinks for just walked away and I’m opening on her with the classic, “can you believe what that guy was wearing?”

Let’s put away the Affliction wardrobe this summer (sorry MMA fans) and start dressing to impress. Below are a few tips to help you next time you are out on the town. 

Do’s and Don’ts


- Buy fitted button down shirts if you have the body type
- Wear subtle cologne (we’re big fans of L’eau D’issey By Issey Miyake)
- Wear black socks with your black shoes (c’mon son)
- Rock blazers over dress shirts when appropriate
- Iron your dress shirts before you go out
- Wear stylish dress shoes
- Wear a nice looking watch with your dress shirts 


- Tuck in your shirt if you’re wearing jeans
- Wear sunglasses indoors
- Pop your collar
- Wear skinny jeans (I shouldn’t even have to say that)
- Wear anything with a dragon on it or a huge logo
- Don’t rock the faux hawk anymore (and didn’t we tell you to toss the affliction shirts already?) 

Make sure you know the venue (or dress code if applicable)

You should have an idea of what kind of scene you’re going to encounter when you go out; so dress accordingly. Nothing pisses me off more than when someone in our group of friends has to be turned away from a club by a bouncer because they forget to adhere to these dress code golden rules:

- No flip flops / sneakers (depending on the club)
- No baggy pants
- No athletic jerseys
- No backwards hats
- Just try not to roll in there looking like Snoop Dogg on the Up-In-Smoke Tour

If you don’t know the dress code to a particular venue, always dress-up. If you’re going to Tao in Vegas, don’t roll in there with your board shorts on. The opposite holds true as well; if you’re going down to the local beach bar, don’t be the tool that shows up in a cardigan.

Get a subscription to GQ



… it will pay off. This is where I find most of the inspiration for my wardrobe. Not only do they usually set the standard for men’s fashion, they also have some badass articles in there.
Grab a subscription to throw in the bathroom at


For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it is the act of dressing for attention. Just like a real peacock in the wild, you need to attract your mate and stand out from the crowd of other eligible bachelors. Usually just a nice pink tie (see tie section below) to make you pop, is all you need to get a chick to comment on your threads. There are no hard rules to peacocking; however, don’t dress like a tool (I prefer the more subtle approach.) Don’t take this peacocking to an extreme… just do an image search on Google for the term “peacocking” and you’ll see what I mean. Your game is going to close the girl, but you have to be noticed first (and in the right way.)


Dark Wash Jeans are Always In
Anytime you hit a trendy bar or club, make sure you roll with your dark wash jeans. 

Ties are money!

party tie

party tie

Piggy-backing off the Peacocking concept, ties are a great way to roll into your favorite bar or club. People always get a kick out of it when we roll into trashy country bars with ties and button downs! Sometimes I wish my tie collection came with a neck reinforcement kit. Something about ties drive most women mad and they will let you know by grabbing the hell out of it. There are pretty much no rules when it comes to ties. We’ve worn them with T-shirts, button downs, topless, two ties at once. Place my swag to the on position please.


Even though we kept this pretty basic, we hope this helps lead you in the right direction. Obviously everyone has their own style and tastes but one thing remains constant. Women love men who take pride in how they look. Dress to breed confidence.
As always ….

Have a sick night! 

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