5 tips to balancing a Girlfriend with your social life

5 tips to balancing a Girlfriend with your social life reviews

girlfriend and social life

Guest Writer: Sarah Lately

Having a hard time balancing your social life and girlfriend?

Every guy who knows how to have fun, knows he has to balance himself out in other ways. You should have a well maintained car (us girls are impressed by clean cars), be on track for graduation/a promotion (focus is sexy), and of course, a hot lady to really say that you’re the man. You could have a sweet car, but if you can’t pull a hot chick, it doesn’t really matter.

Well, once you figure a few things out, you’ll like having one special lady around. Enter, the girlfriend. At first, you still have some of your freedom, you guys are both trying to make the other miss you, but over time your boys will start to notice that you are spending more and more time with your lady. The last thing you want the boys to know is that you’re skipping out on Saturday’s bar hop because its “movie date night” with the girlfriend and this one is going to be a threesome with Ryan Gosling and some notebook he writes in.

I’m sure you’ve all been there, where you decide to grab some of that early relationship freedom back and start going out more with your boys. Bad news buddy: your chick is mad. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my boys talk smack about me than have my chick shooting glaring looks of fire at me while keeping her legs tightly shut. I would know because, well, I’m that chick that keeps her legs tightly closed when I’m pi$$ed off.
How do you co-exist an awesome party life with an awesome lady? Draw up close boys, I’ll tell you the secret you’ve been itching to learn:

1. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Its super key. A woman just wants to feel paid attention to. If its your boy’s 21st on Saturday, you need to make Thursday or Friday all about her. Make sure you slip it in around Tuesday about the birthday, so when she brings it up later, you just remind her that she was cool with it already. Its hard to be mad if its herself she has to be mad at. On “her” day, surprise her, tell her how much you missed her ALL DAY LONG! Kisses and admiration go a long way. It makes us feel as though you never stop thinking about us. Then take her to do something you’ve already thought of. Makes us think you’ve been planning this little date night all day. My party boy is pretty good at picking a movie, a time, and taking me to my favorite movie theater and immediately stands in line for that large popcorn I know he finds disgusting. Important note though, the next morning, don’t run off to get ready for the day’s activities, you’ll make her feel like an after-thought. Hang out for just a little, if her room is messy, suggest really scrubbing it down. If she mentions a friend, tell her to call them up. Get her distracted and then leave. She’ll be totally cool with you being gone and trashed later that night.

2. Text, Call and Drunk-Dial early on in the relationship. Then, she thinks you just constantly think of her when you’re out. Thats SO romantic. You’re out with your boys, drinking and swearing and you keep thinking of little ole me? Baby, be safe but keep having fun is what I tend to say. I feel more secure knowing he is thinking of me even though he’s probably surrounded by other girls, and I love that he might be drunk out of his mind, and he thinks to call me. Later on if my boy is out and I don’t hear from him, I give him a pass, because I assume he’s just so busy having fun, but I already know he is thinking of me; so I’m still gold.

3. Invite Her Out Once in Awhile so she has a vague idea of what you’re like when she’s not there. I’ve been out with my boy when he’s puking drunk (once on my car) and now I’m not worried when i’m not there. He is loud, he talks a lot, he flirts but not for long. Yes, he is probably worse when I’m not there, but so am I. I already know he’s thinking of me (see #2) and he’s not too out of control when I’m around, so I trust him. Might I need to bail him out of jail one day, possibly, but I’m not going to find a condom in his pocket and thats all us girls are ever worried about really.

4. DD for Her/Go Out with Her. Now, my boyfriend has only DD’ed for my once, and it was still much appreciated. I apologized to him the next day for the big inconvenience in both timing we called and my drunken friends. I thanked him in multiple ways. But let me tell you how much I LOVE when he hangs out with me and my girls when we’re sitting, having drinks, etc. Or even double date type of things he doesn’t feel like doing. If he doesn’t belly ache and make a big deal about doing it for me, I literally push him to go out with his guys the next night because I want him to have his own fun now. I’m sure you guys already know, but I’ll repeat for your certainty: when your boyfriend is awesome, every girlfriend wants to show her appreciation.

5. Finally, Know Your Chick. Even if I didn’t plan on seeing my guy, a last minute “btw I’m getting drunk with the guys” bothers me. I don’t know why. I’m a woman, I don’t know what half of what I do/feel is for. My boy already knows this, so as long as he lets me know in advance, I know to not get mad. There will be give in take in ensuring your partying ways survive along with your relationship, but when it comes down to it, if you’re with the right chick she’ll understand. Just remember to give her equal time and quality time. Weekdays of merely cuddling and saying goodnight do not equate to the extreme fun you’re having all weekend with the boys.

Keep her happy boys, you’ll be stuck to one of them forever anyways.


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