The Art of the Wingman

Just in case you’re unsure what a wingman is, it’s a friend of yours that will approach a group of girls with you so that you can start up a conversation with one of them. Let’s face it, in most circumstances hot girls tend to stay around other hot girls. So mastering the art of the wingman is vital to slamming randoms later in the night.

Sealing the one night stand

This should be easy and painless, so let’s get right to it because I’m pretty sure the title says it all. Flirting is one thing, but when a woman is dtf, she is going to let you know, if you ask the right “questions”. A girl who wants some loving tonight will bat her eyes, touch, drink and be downright nasty.

Best Liquor Brands you're not drinking

Bored of the same alcoholic drinks? Looking to try a new brand of liquor? Check out this list of liquor brands you've never heard of.

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